محاسبه بارهاي گرمايشي و سرمايشي در ساختمانهاي Commercial

از قابلیتهای این نرم افزار میتوان موارد ذیل رو نام برد :

  • Calculates Peak Heating & Cooling Loads
  • Determines Building Tonnage and Room CFM Requirements, and Runout Duct Sizes
  • Uses either the RTS or CLTD calculation method
  • Chvac complies with the ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 183—2007
  • Computes CFM Air Quantities With Psychrometrics
  • Calculates from Manually Entered Data or Directly from Floor Plans Created with Drawing Board (sold separately)
  • Imports and exports gbXML files
  • New! Allows Different Indoor Conditions for each Room
  • Links with Energy Audit Program
  • Links with PsyChart program. The PsyChart program can import Chvac system data directly into its Air Handler Model window.
  • Links with HVAC Solution program.
  • Transfers data to the EnergyPro and eQUEST programs (more on using eQUEST with Chvac)
  • Allows 30 Walls, 30 Windows, and 12 Roofs per Room
  • Automates Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62
  • Calculates in both Metric and English Units
  • Converts any project from English to Metric units and vice-versa
  • Allows Simultaneous Infiltration and Ventilation
  • Calculates Runout and Main Trunk Duct Sizes
  • Selects Equipment from ARI/GAMA Databases
  • Allows Virtually Unlimited Number of Rooms
  • Rooms May be Optionally Grouped Under VAV Boxes
  • Prints Numerous Color Pie Charts and Bar Graphs
  • Creates Spreadsheet Output File