محاسبه Earth Coupled Pipe Loop Sizing

از قابلیتهای این نرم افزار میتوان موارد ذیل رو نام برد :

  • Calculates Pipe Loop Lengths and Pressure Drops
  • Follows OSU and ASHRAE Calculation Procedures
  • Handles Horizontal, Vertical, and Slinky System
  • Includes Loop Builder tool
  • Prints Bill of Materials with Material and Labo
  • Supplied with Data on All Common Soil Types
  • References Built-in Pipe & Fitting Data
  • References Built-in Heat Pump Data
  • Automatically Adjusts Heat Pump Performance Dat
  • References Built-in Weather Data on over 200 Ci
  • Computes Minimum Purge GPM and Pressure
  • Links to the RHVAC Load Calculation Program