AVEVA Electrical


طراحي و تحليل شبكه هاي توزيع و انتقال

اين نرم افزار محصول شركت PTI بوده و شامل ماژولهاي متعددي از جمله:

  • ACCC Post Processor (AcccBrwsGrid)
  • Convert .SAV to (v23 and v26 and v28 and v29)
  • Convert Old .DRW to (v.24 Draw Files and v.24 Raw File)
  • Generation Cost Curves (plinc)
  • IEEE Dynamics Convert (comdat)
  • Motor Parameters (imd)
  • PTI Old Raw Sequence Convert (cnvrsq)
  • Reactivate PSSE with a new Activation String
  • V Curves (vcv)
  • Optimal power flow
  • Ac contingency Analysis
  • Build User Dynamics Data Table (dBuild)
  • Convert New WECC to (PTI DYRE and PTI RAWD)
  • Dynamics-30 (4000 to 50000 Buses and Custom)
  • Convert to New WECC format (rawecc)
  • IEEE PF Data Convert (comfor)
  • New PECO Convert (psap4)
  • PTI To IEEE Dynamics Convert (cmdyre)
  • Transmission Constants (tmlc)
  • Short circuit calculation
  • PSSE (Power flow)