شامل ابزار و برنامه كاربردي در زمينه HVAC HVAC Tools & Utilities

از قابلیتهای این نرم افزار میتوان موارد ذیل رو نام برد :

  • Automates 13 Common HVAC Design Tasks
  • Follows ASHRAE and NEC Procedures
  • Sizes Round and Rectangular Duct Sections
  • Sizes Wire Based on Ampacity and % Voltage Drop
  • Sizes Pipes and Refrigerant Lines
  • Performs Fan Curve and Cost Analysis
  • Supports both English (IP) and Metric (SI) units
  • Performs Mixed Air and State Point Psychrometrics
  • Performs Three Way Interpolation of HVAC Units
  • Automatic U-Factor Calculations for Roofs, Walls, etc.
  • Hot and Chilled Water Pipe Sizing and Analysis
  • High and Low Pressure Natural Gas Pipe Sizing
  • Quick Look-Up of Common HVAC Formulas
  • Provides Comprehensive and Concise Reports