طراحي و تحليل Psychrometric

از قابلیتهای این نرم افزار میتوان موارد ذیل رو نام برد :

  • Displays complete psychrometric chart on computer screen
  • Prints beautiful, full color, elevation-adjusted charts, even better looking than the on-screen image.
  • Creates common HVAC air conditioning processes with Air Handler Model feature.
  • Calculates & displays solution for any psychrometric problem
  • Adjusts for elevations between -1000 and +24,000 feet
  • Allows dry bulb temperatures From -40 to 200 degrees F
  • Calculates using English or metric units
  • Uses ASHRAE psychrometric equations
  • Define state points with any two psychrometric parameters
  • Allows custom labels for each state point on the chart, and lets you position them.
  • Allows for 7 different heating & cooling processes, with multiple options for each type.
  • Automatically draws process lines connecting state points.
  • Provides dynamic zooming and panning features.
  • Prints comprehensive and concise text reports.